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Introducing the revolutionary Terawatt Solar Thermal Tracking Technology. Consisting of evacuated solar tubes mounted on a stand alone tower that tracks the sun all day long and produces 46% more energy than fixed panels. 

PROBLEM:  Homes and Businesses paying high costs to heat their radiators and heat their hot water whilst emitting huge amounts of c02 to the environment by using fossil fuels.

MAGIC: Currently solar thermal manufacturers are restricted to installing a certain size of systems due to high sun rays in summer months hitting the tubes and causing high pressure steam, high temperatures and over heating the system that potentially could cause the system to burst open. Current systems on the market are fixed to the roof whereas our system is a stand alone system that can track the sun. We therefore can solve the latter two issues. 1. By tracking the sun we create 46% more energy than a fixed system 2. we have a patent pending sensor that is located on the array and will prevent overheating by moving the array away from the sun at high temperatures.




SOLUTION: Terawatt have two patents pending on CSP (concentrated solar power)  thermal tracking system. This allows for the Terawatt solar thermal system to reach high efficiencies than any other product on the market. Current solar thermal systems on the market are only achieving 60% of HOT WATER ONLY and do not contribute to home heating at all! The Terawatt Solar Thermal Tracking System that delivers 85% hot water and 60% of home heating needs per year and 100% domestic air-conditioning needs.

R&D: The Terawatt Team have refined the technology and R&D for 5 years and the invention is now investor ready , The price: Retail price installed: £11,000. We have had a 12 month study carried out by the renowned Dundalk Institute of Technology that confirmed 46% more energy is produced than fixed systems currently on the market. We have be runner up in the Sustainable Authority Energy Awards in Ireland, Invent Competition run by NISP Belfast, Pitchfest Belfast and sucessfully completed 

Climate KIC 2015 programme from the Innovation Campus in Birmingham.

CUSTOMERS: Domestic Housing with follow  on markets to Sports Facilities, Hospitality, Farming, Industry and Air-Conditioning market and more,


Typical Families and Individuals with high heating and hot water  bills. Businesses and Industrial premises with the need for alot of heating and/or heating for staff or for the production of products. 


MARKET: By 2020 the Solar Thermal Market is estimated to be 4 billion euros whilst the air conditioning marketing in Europe by 2017 is estimated to be 9.6 billion euros. Air-conditioning there is a perfect supply and demand situation in Southern Europe and beyond that is a vast un tapped market.

WHAT IS IS UNIQUE: Terawatt have a patent pending technology that has allowed for solar thermal systems to reach high efficiencies than any other products on the market as stated above.

We have combated the issue with overheating due to our patent pending sensor technology that moves the array away from the sun which is not possible with fixed panels.  Also the second patent covers a  (unique solar array design)    This innovative approach allows us to shrink the size of the array, maintain the same KWH output while mitigating  the wind factor  , thus protecting the system from storm damage.












Please get in touch to request our business plan. We have two patents pending on this (Concentrated Solar Power)  CSP  tracking system , details which can be obtained from our patent attorney, Hanna IP  on request.
We are building  a network of distribution agents throughout Europe and wish to hear from agents that have a firm presence in the energy market. The product can easily be added to your current portfolio of products and is general installation process is straight forward for the average skilled workers to learn. 
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