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Solar Thermal Market Size


The Terawatt main focus of business is solar thermal systems for hot water and space heating in the residential sector and industrial sector. Our follow on market is the Air-Conditioning Market in Southern Europe and worldwide in Year 3 - 5.


Market Statistics


  • According to BSW-Solar’s strategy document the “Solar Thermal Roadmap,” by 2020 the Solar Thermal Market is estimated to be 4 billion euros whilst the air conditioning marketing in Europe by 2017 is estimated to be 9.6 billion euros.

  • In 2010, the UK solar thermal market grew 24% to £25m.


  • Heat is the single biggest reason we use energy in our society. We use more energy for heating than for transport or the generation of electricity.  In 2012 the UK will spend around £33 billion on heat across our economy * 1


  • The solar thermal industry in Europe has made a turnover of one billion euros and in 2011 employed around 20,000 people.

  •  By 2050, total investment is expected to be 1.549 Billion Euros





Our technology is suitable for millions of household owners, commercial properties, industrial factories especially ideal for sports facilities such as soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, GAA  clubs and the hospitality sector hotel, B+B , restaurants and nursing homes.


Many councils who own buildings with outdoor space. Schools, admin buildings, especially nursing homes, large hotels and hospitals. Also a very large pool of corporations, industrial factories, land owners, farmers and agricultural plants, property developers that  require significant space heating and hot water for their business operations.  


Energy Usage Statistics


  • Almost half (46%) of the final energy consumed  in the UK is used to provide heat. The main other uses of energy are split between energy for transport (41%), energy to provide electricity for our lighting and appliances (8%), and a variety of other uses including agriculture and waste. Of this heat, around three quarters is used by households and in commercial and public buildings. The remainder is used for manufacturing materials, chemicals and goods in the industrial sector.  Cooling accounts for around 0.5% of overall energy demand, but in time this may increase as the UK grows warmer as a result of climate change.

  • Heat is also a significant component of energy demand in industry (representing around 80% of total energy demand in industry), equal to 185 TWh.9 . Although heat is used to drive a diverse range of manufacturing processes either through the application of steam or direct high-temperature heat in furnaces we would be concentrating on the relatively low-grade heat at less than 100°C is used for purposes such as drying, office buildings, agriculture and farming and much more.


Domestic customers use heat to keep their homes warm, and use energy to cool them in hot weather. They also use heat to provide us with hot water, cook our food.  Businesses use energy to heat offices and manufacture goods and our technology would apply to the low-grade heat demand rather than high grade heat.


Segmenting our market can help increase sales and market share, protect the brand and provide a variety of other benefits selling to specific audiences creates.


Developing prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and will respond similarly to a marketing action. Segmenting the market enables us to target different categories of consumers who perceive the full value of certain products and services differently from one another.


Segmentation Matrix



  • Gender: Male or Female

  • Age Range: 25-75

  • Combined Household Income: £25,000+

  • Self-Build Market, Home Owners

  • Married with family (higher heating bills),

  • Home owners, Business Owners, Directors of Companies, Decision Makers



Typical Companies/Organisations

  • Primary/Secondary Schools,Higher Education Facilities,  Universities,

  • Admin and Office buildings,

  • Nursing homes,

  • Hotels & B&Bs

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Sports Grounds GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Golfing, Tennis Clubs


Industrial factories, land owners, property developers that require significant space heating for their business operations in the following industries

  • Banking & Finance

  • Technology / IT

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Education

  • Travel & Leisure

  • Agricultural

- farmers and plants



Target Market


Our initial target market is the domestic market which we will be featuring most of our focus on. In a typical UK household, more than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water. As fuel costs rise, having an efficient and cost effective heating system is vital, and it’s one of the main steps you can take to reducing your carbon dioxide emissions.

Typical Families and Individuals with high heating bills that have garden space of over 7m2 wide could embrace this technology.





Gender: Male or Female

Age Range: 25-75

Income Range: £25,000+

Geographic Location: Domestic customers in suburb areas or companies located in industrial parks  with outdoor space

Behaviours: Environmentally Friend, Cost Conscious

Status: Married with family, Home owners, Business Owners, Directors of Companies, Decision Makers





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