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Eamon founded Roslea Oil Company in 1986 and directed and established the business as a small home run enterprise and built the business to a turnover of £2 million per annum. He sold Roslea Oil in 2006 with great credentials to one of Ireland's largest oil company, Maxol Direct. 

Roslea Oil serviced the entire County Fermanagh and surrounding areas supplying domestic, commercial and agricultural customers. Eamon delivered results and secured business with a high motivation to succeed in the oil industry and a competitive market.

Substantial business organisational skills and highly competent in directing a team of managers and staff alongside managing 2 x 6 wheeler oil delivery vehicles on the road daily. Identifying, implementing & maintaining best practice processes and procedures for the daily running of operations. 


Eamon Smyth 

Founder of Terawatt EU

Eamon founded Terawatt EU in 2008 and started to put together a professional team of marketeers, engineers, patent lawyers and business leaders to bring has idea to life and now has completed over seven years of R&D with a market ready technology. The company is now seeking investors and distributors throughout Europe, New Zealand and Austrialia. 


We believe the technology can displace millions of tons of fossil fuels and subsequent emissions whilst providing huge cost savings to millions of homes, businesses and other project buildings. 


The company is now seeking manufactures  investors on a global basis. This unique and patented device opens the flood gates to a vast global market for solar thermal heating and cooling also known as the sleeping giant.

In 2010, a 12 month study was carried out by senior researcher engineer Ray Byrne at the renowned Dundalk Institute of Technology a leading renewable facility of Ireland. The Terawatt solar themal tracking system was compared to a standard fixed solar panel for the 12 months with measureable results collected monthly. The results supported our theory and confirmed that the Terawatt Solar Tracker was 46% more efficient than fixed systems currently on the market. The full technical report is available upon request.

The R&D has consisted of thorough sourcing of the correct components from slew drives being sourced as far as China and solar industrial tubes sourced in Germany. The project has been intense and significant ground work completed to ensure a fully functional solar thermal tracking technology that covers all safety standards, performance standards and is financially viable for the manufacturing and selling.

In January 2015 we were proud to erect the first demonstration model in a domestic home situation of a family of seven which is meeting 60% of the families' home heating and 80% hot water needs and saving significant energy costs. The fully sized solar thermal tracking demonstration model can heat over 1500 litres of water up to 70 degree C in a single day. After repayment of the system the family can enjoy a free energy from the sun and feel they are contributing to reducing C02 emissions.


























The new solar array will be 1.6 meters narrow with the same KWH output and at much less risk of storm damage.  This innovation will make it much more acceptable to the domestic market where space can be very limited.


Our journey has been very successful and has went from strength to strength. In 2012 the technology was runner up in the Sustainable Authority Energy Awards in Ireland out of over eighty applicants.


In 2015 we were selected out of 120 companies for the European wide Climate KIC programme and reached the final stages with 12 companies and granted funding. The programme was led by leading industry experts with MBEs to their name including Richard Davies, Ian Williets, Steve Harris along with the Birmingham City University, Dublin University Innovation Campus and the Birmingham Innovation campus. These organisations are tasked with implementing key products into the industry to reach the strict government climate change targets for Europe and the programme is run in over 6 different countries. On 21st of September 2015 part of our team travelled to Birmingham along with the other finalists to engage in a week long Open Innovation Lab project with a mixture of experts that looked at all angles of the technology from design, product development, marketing and providing fresh ideas to bring our technology even further forward than before.


We attended the 9th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit (CSP Today Sevilla 2015) on the 11-12 November in Sevilla, Spain. This is the largest meeting of high-level CSP executives in the world






























In 2015, we were awarded a space in the Top 12 of the Invent Programme run by Northern Ireland Innovation Park, Belfast.

























We have had product endorsements from many industry leaders including former Oliver Drucke the President of ESTIF,
the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation. He also is an appointed board member of EREC, the European
Renewable Energy Council, both in Brussels.

To date  we have invested over £500K into the R&D  and the promoting of this innovative technology.


We are seeking to licence this technology to manufactures on a global basis.   

Contact us today if you would like to partner with this new start-up technology as an investor or a distributor across the globe.












 Eamon Smyth


Terawatt EU Ltd

Ray Bryne


Dundalk Institute

of Technology

Sinead McKeever

Marketing Director

SM Marketing Services

John Hanna

Patent Attorney

Hanna IP

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